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Is Your Home Prepared for Angelic and Divine Visitation?

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Is Your Home Prepared for Angelic and Divine Visitation?

It dawned on me recently how the news media, for the most part, has removed that spark of supernatural expectation from the hearts of many by simply using their greatest “skill” – prognostication. What does prognosticate mean? “To forecast something future from PRESENT indications and signs.” Many prophets today read reports given by secular media and base their predictions on PROGNOSES rather than prophetic and revelation knowledge. I am frequently asked why I don’t spend time watching the news or reading the latest “gossip”, and my answer is that I wish to hear nothing but what God’s Spirit is revealing.
Stupid? Well, I have a lot of peace and my plans (in my personal life) are made not according to the predictions of the prognosticators, but rather according to prophetic insight.  This is not based on PRESENT NATURAL indications, but PRESENT INVISIBLE indications. SEEING THE INVISIBLE. 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 reads, “Therefore we do not lose heart….for our light affliction, which is BUT FOR A MOMENT is working FOR US a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory…while we DO NOT LOOK at the things which are SEEN, but at the things which are NOT SEEN! For the things which are SEEN are TEMPORARY, but the things which are NOT SEEN (now) are ETERNAL (now).”
During my prayer this week, God whispered “angels”. In the Bible angels appear to people in unpredictable and various ways. Angels in the Bible generally seem to have the role of messenger.
However, what was the prerequisite for an angelic or divine visitation? Is your house an open invitation for angelic visitation? I’m not suggesting for a moment that they would take the place of God’s messengers on earth (apostles, prophets, teachers, and those being directed by God’s Spirit), but today at the Prophetic Workshop ( I will be showing you what brought about NOT ONLY angelic visitations, but also a divine intervention. I will also show you what environment in the home makes this not only possible, but probable.
Joining me today on my broadcast is our dear friend and a favorite of many of you, Llewellyn Roberts, Pastor from South Africa, with a powerful and beautiful anointing. 

Kim Clement

Today’s broadcast (December 3rd) will be LIVEonline from 3PM PT/6PM ET/11PM GMT. You can join us at at the scheduled time. We will replay this event immediately following the LIVE broadcast.









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