John 14:6 Jesus said to him, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

(151) JAPAN EARTHQUAKE TO TRIGGER AWAKENING [Warning word #3] (Note 505)

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(151) JAPAN EARTHQUAKE TO TRIGGER AWAKENING [Warning word #3] (Note 505).


This morning I begin to receive very important words and I heard him speaking again about Japan. (Note:  I first heard this word on Dec. 3, but held it to pray over it knowing He wanted me to continue to pray before release of it.  Now this morning I am moved to WRITE IT after having a vision this morning of the event (awakening to come) because of it.   This is the THIRD (3rd) earthquake warning I have received concerning Japan.

Hear these words coming now upon you for I am speaking to you to warn my people living in Japan that they need to heed this warning and earnestly pray seeking to know its origin and truthfulness.  Many of “My People” will not listen to me speaking through my Prophet/s, nor will they believe that they even speak for me.  Yet, I will turn their spirit to seek the truth for they will be greatly moved to seek me and stirred to awaken.

WARNING:  Japan is on Very Shaky Ground and is shaking daily and even sinking slowly.  There is much danger in all of Japan from the Northern most Island to the Southern reaches.  All of Japan will be affected by the coming earthquakes.  Millions are literally in very much danger as I speak and many many could perish forever because they will not listen. 

I hate Idolatry and have I not said, If you worship Idols and not me, I will move to destroy the idol, and all who worship them will suffer great loss.   I am never changing and will not change what I have said.  I cannot fail to keep my words, I would no longer be who I Am in the eyes of the World.  I am who I am and I change not.  Hold to the words of my book written and know that if I destroyed even many of my chosen Israel when they turned to idols, then I will move again in like manner on all who turn to idols.  Like I said, I HATE IDOLS and I Am a jealous God of my very nature, and will not share my glory with another.  An idol is NOTHING but wood or stone or that which cannot speak, yet men fall down to worship them.  My question I ask now: Do they who worship idols not see they answer not nor do they help in time of trouble?

I will remove them who worship idols and I will set an example in Japan because I have taken note of the extreme worship of idols, which I detest.

Many in Japan are held tenaciously by bands of traditions of idol worship and refuse to change or listen.  I warn them to turn and rend your heart of idols and serve me your only God and Creator.  I am seriously provoked by the hardness of your heart toward me as you hold to your gods of wood, stone, metal, or others, burning incense to them and offering prayers and homage to them.  I am moved in my heart toward the many thousands of young people and helpers who live in your land held by the cords of tradition and blinded by the past mistake of idol worship religion.

Japan will shake yet many will be AWAKENED.  I will stop the travesty and deception of idol worship, by destroying the very foundations of which it began and I will open the heart of Japan for me.

I am speaking to many even now to flee Japan to safety, yet you must know many will return later to help, from that number who flee out of the country.  I am preparing even now a WITNESS ARMY of helps to reach the masses of hurting.  I will move in mercy and snatch many from the shaking to stand with me.  They will stand on Solid Ground as they stand with me.  I open harts and shine in Grace Rays of Light so Bright.  Yet know this: Many refusing to hear will perish forever, because they do persist to cling to their idols.

The Earthquakes are already in the ground.  I did not send them, but they are part of the Earth.  Yet you must know, I am able to hold them in my might and power, and to restrain and protect.  This I have done now for a long time.  Know this that I will not protect idol worship now, because I love my people and desire now millions blinded to come to me.  I will reach into the shaking and take them out in mercy.

I see the big shaking coming and warn you in advance:  it will shake the very ground of Japan to its foundations. I will walk in the shaking with arms out stretched, turning things around for my people. All Japan will be greatly changed in days ahead.

If you are reading this word and I have spoken already to you previously to flee and leave for safe places elsewhere, you will see and know this word is your answer to your question about really leaving.  I the Lord will be the one to speak to each of you (not Ken Dewey) and you will know it is I who speak.

This word is an advance warning concerning a great shaking to come.  Flee its path and prepare to move to higher ground.  Seek the mountains away from low ground because much lower ground near the ocean will sink and water will overflow those areas.  Many will never rise again to be inhabited.  Flee the Low Land.  Flee to the Mountains but most of all, seek me for I am the way to escape.  I am your help and I am your only God.

[As I sit looking back at this word, shaken by its urgency I heard him speak again and say: ADD THIS CLOSING REMARK:]

“I will stand idols on their heads for all to see they cannot help you.”


I have obeyed the Lord to write this word.  This is the third warning that the Lord has given to me to write concerning the coming big earthquake.  I have been moved to tears and great concern by these words.

As I received this word I heard the Lord saying to me that HE HAD HEARD THE PRAYERS OF THE MANY MISSIONARIES AND  CONCERNED AS THEY HAD CRIED OUT TO HIM FOR JAPAN TO BE SAVED.  I saw a vision of MANY ON THEIR FACES CRYING OUT FOR THE JAPANESE TO OPEN THEIR HEART TO RECEIVE HIM.  I also have seen the many years that much seed has been sown in Japan by concerned missionaries etc. and how those seeds would come up and MANY WOULD TURN TO THE LORD.  What has seemed like a impossibility (to change the Japanese from Idols to Jesus) to many who have gone to Japan to preach the Gospel, I hear him saying now that they will see Him move to open the hearts of thousands (very many) to the Gospel.  Japan will experience A GREAT AWAKENING and a multitude will RISE TO RECEIVE THE LORD AND BE SAVED. 

Desert Prophet




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