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Prophetic Alert by Kim Clement

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Prophetic Alert

April 1st, 2015 – From The Den

How you have fallen, O Lucifer – you who once carried the praises and the songs. How you have fallen. The nations shall look upon you and they shall say, “Was this the one who caused the nations to tremble? And yet you want My, you want My Eden, do you? says the Lord. You want My Israel? You want My land? Was it not good enough for you to have the nations? Until My Son came. You offered Him the nations of the earth, but He took possession of Israel and He took possession of the soil. You said in your heart, I will exalt myself above the stars of God. And you said, I will climb upon the mount and I will sit. You said, I will be El-Elyon, possessor of heaven and earth. Ha! And yet today you seek to avenge.

Father, I pray today for Your will to be done. I pray today for Yeshua to manifest Himself. I pray today that the words that You have spoken would come to pass. I pray today, Lord, that You would shake this nation, but Lord that You would give us an understanding today of what You intend doing. We pray and we call to You, oh Lord our God. We call to You, King of the Earth. We call to You, mighty One. We call to You today and pray – we pray as a people together, not a thousand, not ten thousand. Hundreds of thousands and millions of people today, we declare together that there is no fear in the perfect love of God. We declare today, Israel, you are protected by the very preservation of the words of the prophets of old. You are protected because God sent His only Son to come through that land. Israel, we pray for your protection! And Lord, I pray today that every word that You have spoken would come to pass.

Demonic forces are raging. Demonic forces are raging, saying what do we do now? For there is a spirit of confusion that has set upon the people. What do we do now? For a spirit of confusion has been set upon the people. What do we do now? For we, the creator of confusion – we are the ones who create confusion – now the Lord Himself has caused the stir of confusion. What do we do now? What do we do now? And the Spirit of God says, I will arise with My people and we shall make a sound on this earth so that there will be terror with the princes of darkness. There will be terror amongst the principalities of the earth. There will be terror because of the blood that will cry out, the Blood of Christ, the Blood of Christ, the Blood of Christ. The Blood of Christ cries out against the powers of darkness!

Father, we stand before You today. We will not bow to fear. Lord, we have watched and we have waited. We just heard the Word of the Lord. Did you hear what I heard? God said together, with His people, He will stand and speak and that there will be terror amongst the princes of darkness. Terror!

What? What is this I hear about Turkey? What is this I hear about a man who says “I am God?” What is this stench that comes to Me, says the Lord, that a man who calls himself a king says, “I am no longer a king, I am a god.” And Yemen, what about you? The Queen of Sheba came from you to bring gold to Solomon. And now what of this? The Queen of Sheba honored My Solomon, My Israel. What are you doing now and what of this king that says he is a god? I say to you, it shall be a very short time and you shall find out that you are not a god. You shall find out that I am the Lord and I stand no one to say he is a god when he is not a god. Why from Russia is that one saying he is a god? I’ve already told him, I will slay him. Why in this nation do we have a Messianic man who says I am like the Messiah? No, you are not! says the Lord. No you are not, and I will show you!

John Kerry, you stand and you itch with power. You itch and you say I want more power, for I shall be the President of the United States. No, you will not! For the Spirit of God said enough! Israel is My land and Israel shall stand and I will be the God of Israel, says the Lord!

The words that came today were under a great unction that was upon me before we even started, of great spiritual warfare. I could hear and sense powers of hell gnashing their teeth with anger because someone would dare to rise up and pray with the people called the Warriors of the New Millennium. Those whom I raised up in the 90’s was never a waste of time, to pray. All of you standing watching, you know that we have entered into a realm that has touched God and removed the presence of gloating spirits of darkness. Confusion has been sent to course.

I want to get this to you as soon as possible. This is a Prophetic Alert. I stood there for five or six or seven minutes under a tremendous baptism of the Holy Spirit with fire. I could barely breathe when I got to the piano because it takes it out of you. But when I heard this about Turkey . . . (to team) do you know anything about this that was spoken about Turkey? So let’s find out. He said he’s calling himself a god – who? Whatever it is, He didn’t seem very happy about it, God. And then He got to Putin and said he’s also calling himself a god. And then He came to America and addressed someone who has a Messianic mentality and yet has opposed Israel even to the point of hatred and rage. I am so disappointed because I prophesied this President, years ago, and said after President Bush, God will give a President to America who will be an African American, but He also said, would teach America a lesson. I’m not here opposed to President Obama. He had a warning from the prophet years ago in 2010 – “If you do not love Israel, My Israel, with a captivating love, your power will be removed.” The test of his life and his administration and his legacy is present. We need to pray like we’ve never prayed before. God addressed that today and said Israel is taken care of, do not worry, because it’s His Eden. You know, I found some of the prophecy that came out absolutely fascinating. And then He spoke about Yemen and the Queen of Sheba. These are things that we need to read and pray over. Not only must you listen to it over, send it to people, send it to friends, put it on Facebook. Send out your message, “Go and listen to the Word of the Lord.” Stop listening to lies about this person. Just listen to what God is saying about our nation and about this world.

This is a week to remember. This is the first of April.

I see a king falling. I see a king falling. Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Solomon. Lord, You’re not pleased. The wall, there’s a wall being built that will not be completed, for a takeover already a plan. Iran, you have wicked plans. Your wickedness cannot be covered. I’ve seen you, says the Lord. I’ve already spoken about you. Father, I just pray You’d stop, just for a minute. There are some people that are receiving visions, and I’m not making this up, please. Some spiritual leaders mock people that have visions. Well then, you may as well mock the great prophets of old. You may as well mock Daniel. You may as well mock Joel who spoke about young men and women having visions, and they are, and I release that upon you. Don’t believe that lie. Some have been caught up and getting glimpses of stuff. Just do it! I’m not going to stop you. While the Spirit of God is present, I release you to see visions. Visions will be seen. You’ll have glimpses of the future, flashes of light.

One of the greatest and most powerful churches will rise out of Yemen, Saudi Arabia – already, Iraq, God is raising up tens of thousands. Every time ISIS kills, God says I’ll give you 100 and a thousand more. It’s not going to stop, the growth. Enough, enough.


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